Mission Statement

Dance Network of South Dakota is a non-profit organization developed to promote, encourage, and advance all forms of dance in South Dakota, through communication, education, and support.  The objectives of this organization are to…

1) To provide leadership for the Dance Network through an active steering committee which will set policy and guidelines for the structure of the Dance Network; and determine long and short range planning for the Dance Network.

2) To provide a communications systems for information and resources in dance through the following activities; Publications of a newsletter, establish and maintain a current, statewide mailing list, aggressively identify and seek dance resources, discover on an ongoing basis the expanding needs and directions in dance.

3) To provide educational resources for dance organizations, the general public, and dance participants in the field of dance.

  1. To make available advice and support for dance organizations in the dance events.
    1. To facilitate block booking of dance performances, and other dance events.
    2. To provide information for grant writing, fundraising, other management skills.
  2. To promote educational opportunities through workshops, conference, dance festivals and other educational services in the field of dance for the general public as well as for individual and organizational dance participants.

4) To develop, carry out, and monitor an advocacy support system for dance.

  1. To assess and evaluate, by region, the artistic, social and political systems, and determine how they affect dance.
  2. To determine how the Dance Network can benefit from the systems and how the systems can benefit from the Dance Network.
  3. To implement an advocacy plan based on these assessments



Copyright 2013. Dance Network of South Dakota. All rights reserved.

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