Let’s Network!

We are sure you have made friends at a workshop in years past and want to keep in touch, or maybe you are travelling across the state and need a dance connection!  Maybe you have a great dance event in your town that you want everyone to know about…..Use this blog to network with dancers, teachers and dance enthusiasts from all over South Dakota!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Network!

    • Wanted to let you know that I had a great time working with you and the dancers this weekend. You have a wonderful organization and it is so special that you have so many participating studios and teachers! It was very well organized and everyone was so nice! I go a lot of places but I don’t always have fun….I had lots of fun this weekend! Thanks for having me and hope to see you all again soon!

  1. If you are still trying to decide whether to attend 2018 Dance Network convention, let me help you…..DO IT! You won’t be disappointed. Yes, some years are better than others, but my kids (ages 17 & 15) always come away with a great feeling of accomplishment. Their love of dance has always been renewed by what they learn at convention and the friends, new & old, that share this love. This is a great opportunity!

  2. Hello! This is a great idea! I just opened my studio this year in Elk Point, SD. I would love to network and get to know other studio owners! Our studio is called Rhythm Stars Dance Company.

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